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Montrose BLP project – Petrofac

February 2012

The project is to enhance production from the Montrose field by installation of a new Bridge-Linked Platform (BLP) adjacent to the existing Montrose Alpha facility. The BLP will allow the tie back of new sub sea facilities as well as having its own utilities and accommodation. We carried out a high-level cost risk assessment for Petrofac Offshore Projects in Aberdeen, for the brownfield modifications portion of the project.

The risk assessment was completed in a single day, with positive involvement from all the lead project team members. It resulted in a practical risk model which indicated a credible level of contingency, and allowed the project team to defend and communicate their perceived level of commercial risk to management, partners and above all the customer and operator, Talisman Energy.

Project Manager Roddy McKinnon says that he saw "value in forming a basis for making a decision. As a project team we need to be comfortable with the commercial aspects, not just the technical aspects of the project.

"I appreciated the clarity and transparency used in coming to a conclusion. I thought that you managed to drive it through without getting sidetracked too much in the irrelevant detail.

"Simon is a very competent facilitator for sessions such as these. If you need to pull together a considered analysis from either a high or detailed level set of scopes I would very much encourage you to bring him in at as early a stage as you can. It provides a Project Manager with review points in the project life cycle to give a real degree of confidence that you’re on the right tracks for success or more importantly in which areas you need to focus your levels of definition. A vital tool in your toolbox!"