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Our service

We provide a project risk analysis and management service that enables project teams to fairly quickly carry out credible risk management, including a practical quantitative risk assessment. The risk assessment helps teams to understand the risks the project faces, and to quantify them (to a reasonable degree). It helps projects make reasonable promises to stakeholders and customers, as well as prioritises the risks for mitigation, monitoring and management. It also fulfils the function of a formal schedule and cost risk assessment and analysis, which many projects require as part of their overall management discipline.

The project risk management service consists of:

We use best-practice risk management tools and techniques, as well as some proprietary innovative techniques for assessing, analysing and understanding risk. Our service allows the project team to own and understand their assumptions around the risk, and the action being taken to address them.

The service is available on all kinds of project. The majority of our experience is on engineering and construction projects, but the service has also worked well on IT and other projects (click here to read some past projects and testimonials). Project value is typically between £10m and £5bn, with generally no reason not to use it on the largest of megaprojects, at a suitable level of detail.

Our service is always tailored to the needs of the project, and to integrate with the project’s own planning and management practices. It is designed to resist the inevitable pressure from "imposed recommendations", which in our experience is constantly present in most projects due to stakeholders having strong interests in risk being exaggerated or downplayed.

Click here for more benefits of the service, and here for some testimonials. Please contact us to tell us about your project, or browse our frequently asked questions.