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Trigo White — Risk Management

Trigo White Ltd was established in 2011 as a small consultancy offering expert services and software.

Our aim is to enable organisations to gain from practical, collaborative, transparent, and defendable risk management. Our principal consultant, Simon White, has 20 years’ expertise in project schedule and cost risk analysis and management. We use White Box risk management which is clear, practical and adds value to the projects that use it.

We provide a project risk analysis and management service, which enables project teams to fairly quickly carry out a practical and credible quantitative risk assessment. The risk assessment helps teams to understand the risks the project faces, and to quantify them (to a reasonable degree). It helps projects make reasonable promises to stakeholders and customers, as well as prioritises the risks for mitigation, monitoring and management. It also fulfils the function of a formal schedule and cost risk assessment and analysis, which many projects require as part of their overall management discipline.

By helping risk and uncertainty to be understood, risk analysis and management increases efficiency and profitability, allowing projects and their limited resources to be given the best chance of fulfilling their expectations – and is increasingly valuable in a difficult economic climate.

We also regularly provide risk management and risk analysis training to both companies and individuals, with our delegates consistently preferring our training over other similar training courses.

About us

Our work is mainly on major projects in the UK, Norway and US, for national and international organisations in a variety of industries including oil & gas, engineering, construction and government. We provide a highly professional, reliable and efficient service to a variety of happy customers.

With proprietary innovative techniques for assessing, analysing and understanding risk, we aim to provide a unique service. We believe the project team want to understand a risk model, just as they want to understand a project schedule and cost estimate. They need to feel that they could drill into a particular part of the risk estimate, and find the components that make up that part. They need to have confidence in the relationship between the individual estimates and assessments that they are responsible for, and the overall risk estimate. Traditionally this confidence has been rare in project teams, and typically only one or two team members could express any opinion about the model as a whole. Many projects have a specific "risk analyst" or "risk coordinator" whose sole purpose is to build and maintain the risk register and model – the other team members see it as a black box which is solely this person’s responsibility.

We are working to improve the tools available for practical risk management for projects and organisations. Our belief in better risk management drives our software development towards a future of "White Box" risk management, where the project team own and understand their assumptions around the risk, and the action being taken to address them.

Please feel free to contact us to tell us about your project or if you have any questions, or browse our frequently asked questions.

What customers say about us

"Extremely thorough and totally auditable. The bespoke tornado charts are an excellent tool to assist in understanding the risky areas of a project / programme."
- Peter Simon, Lucidus Consulting

"What stood out compared to other risk consultants we have used was the analytical piece – it helped prevent it being just a tick-box exercise. Giving the right information at the right time allowed the team and management to understand the nature of the work they are undertaking."
- Senior Cost Engineer, Talisman Energy

"I appreciated the clarity and transparency used in coming to a conclusion. I thought that you managed to drive it through without getting sidetracked too much in the irrelevant detail."
- Roddy McKinnon, Petrofac

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