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Interpretation for decision-makers

The risk report stands as a realistic assessment of the risk that the project faces. Once produced, it is presented and communicated to the project’s stakeholders. This usually takes place as a focused management presentation, which seeks to assure management that the risk assessment has been carried out well, that it reasonably reflects reality, and to communicate its key findings.

The purpose of the management presentation is typically to:

  • request for approval of contingency or adjustment of contingency;
  • adjust expectations that have been previously set, and justify them;
  • highlight areas of concern in the project;
  • explain performance of the project;
  • recommend and justify any specific steps management needs to take, or further reviews to be carried out.

Partner and peer reviews can also be held to communicate perceived risk, and to allow challenge and open discussion about it.

Management presentations generally avoid exposing a great level of detail, but are ready to justify and demonstrate the reasoning behind specific conclusions as the audience require it.

Interpretation and management presentations will be supported as required, as part of the service.

This step repeats as part of the ongoing risk reviews throughout the project.