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What is risk analysis?

Risk analysis is the part of risk management in which the project team sees the logical overall effect of the risk that they have described (in the risk assessment) on the overall project.

It gives confidences on targets, and shows where contingency is required to increase confidence. It shows how much contingency is required to increase confidence to a given amount. And it shows where the causes of the risk are, and where the risks manifest themselves.

The risk analysis is no more than a probabilistic calculator - it calculates the logical consequences of the risks, their probabilities and consequences the team has described, and the base logic of the project schedule and cost model.

Risk analysis is part of the overall risk management process. It results in a risk report which fully describes the assumptions, results and interpretations and recommendations of the risk analysis.

Our service

At Trigo White, as part of our service, we use White Box risk management, which includes innovative and clear risk analysis that provides instant feedback on the effects of the risk assessments as they are made. The output is a full report which documents all the assumptions, results and interpretations of the risk analysis.